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Next gen Sony Ericsson X10 Pro spotted: Sliding keyboard, bigger screen.

Walls have ears. At least the Sony Ericsson factories and R&D labs in China do, as the torrent of leaks haven’t yet been completely plugged, even after all those Xperia Play ‘incidents‘…

Here’s some photos of yet another new Xperia phone, code-named Mango, with the requisite Xperia widescreen, plus sliding keyboard.

Whilst many potential smartphone buyers are still put off by having to type on a touchscreen, this Sony Ericsson X10 Pro sequel looks set to satisfy their proper-button-typing needs.

A few extra details were leaked on Chinese tech forum, IT168; it looks to have a 3.2-inch touchscreen, either a 800Hz or 1GHz processor beneath it, and a “modified version of a 4 angle interface”- love you, Google Translate.

Something to note, this phone isn’t the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro, announced alongside the Xperia Neo earlier this year, which also had a sliding keyboard, but has been kept relatively secret since its announcement.

The styling is noticeably different, and the Xperia Pro has a larger 3.7-inch screen. No news yet on if the Xperia Pro will reach the UK.

Similarly, we’re still in leaked photos and rumour territory with the “mango” seen here. More when we get it.


Source: IT168

Via: MIC Gadget


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