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Next-generation BlackBerry phones to get BBM videochat feature, front-facing camera

As RIM continue to pump out new BlackBerry phones running software they’ve vowed to replace within the year, it’s been rumoured that the next generation of BB phones will get videochat features, and even better this will connect into BlackBerry Messenger.

These new phones, expected for a 2012 launch, will be running the new QNX OS we’ve already seen on BlackBerry’s PlayBook.

A feature glaringly absent from the recently launched BB Bold 9900, a front-facing camera, looks set to apparate on new devices like the rumoured BB Colt.

According to Gizmofusion’s spies, this is already on the drawing boards for future devices and is set to be heavily tied into BBM – one of BlackBerry’s remaining jewels in their ever-dwindling smartphone treasure chest.

Whist RIM attempt to chase the hype and visibility of Apple’s FaceTime app, it’s still difficult to get hyped over a front-facing camera. Having said that, if you’re very much into sharing moody B&W self-portraits on Messenger, it could prove ideal.


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