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Nike+ Apple Watch vs Apple Watch Series 2: what’s the difference?

We compare the Apple Watch Nike+ with the various Apple Watch Series 2 models, to see what the difference between these feature-packed smartwatches really is.

Apple and Nike have just announced a limited edition Apple Watch called the NikeLab, which will be sold from April 27 at Nike’s website, NikeLab stores and an Apple Nike pop-up store in Tokyo. In other words, it might prove quite tricky to get your hands on one.

Thankfully Nike has already collaborated with Apple for the Nike+ model of Apple Watch Series 2. This can be bought right now through Apple stores in the UK, from £369.

But what’s the difference between the standard Apple Watch 2 and the Nike+ version? Are the specs any different and is there any change in the features and design?

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Nike+ vs Apple Watch Series 2: Design

The standard Apple Watch Series 2 comes with a wide selection of straps, as well as a variety of material choices including stainless steel and ceramic. By comparison, the Nike+ version only comes in aluminium, the cheapest of the different designs.

Still, you do get a choice of either 38mm or 42mm sizes with either the Nike+ watch or Apple’s standard wearable. Plus, Nike’s model comes in either white or black and there’s a selection of three different band designs (white, black or black and green). Those straps are made from a ventilated fluoroelastomer material, which is light and comfortable to rock for extended periods, even when you’re a bit sweaty.

And if you so wish, you can swap out that strap for any of Apple’s other Watch Series 2 bands.

Nike+ vs Apple Watch Series 2: Features

When it comes to built-in features, the Nike+ Apple Watch can basically do everything the standard Apple Watch Series 2 can. They both run the same version of Apple’s WatchOS, complete with an identical menu system and interface.

They both have the same fitness features too, including GPS support and a heart rate sensor for tracking your pulse over time. And of course the Nike+ branded Apple Watch is water resistant to 50 metres, like the original watch. Great news if you like to go for a regular dip.

However, the Nike+ smartwatch does come with some exclusive watch faces not available on the regular model. You get a choice of digital and analogue faces, with a funky on-brand colour scheme.

You also get the Nike+ Run Club app pre-installed on Nike’s version. This is a fitness app with a strong emphasis on social activity, connecting you with friends who like to work out and offering extra incentive to get exercising. You even get access to special Nike+ Run Club playlists on Apple Music, if you’re a subscriber. Owners of the standard Apple Watch Series 2 can simply download this app for their wearable at any time, so they won’t be missing out.

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Nike+ vs Apple Watch Series 2: Price and availability

As previously mentioned, the Nike+ watch can only be picked up in aluminium. You can buy it right now, for £369 (38mm model) or £399 (42mm model).

The standard Apple Watch Series 2 can be nabbed in stainless steel or ceramic versions as well as the standard aluminium finish. The stainless steel version costs from £549, while the ceramic ‘Apple Watch Edition’ model costs from £1249. All of these are available right now in the UK.


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