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Nokia 100 and 101 announced, ‘Most affordable Nokia phones to date’

Alongside the 700, 701 and 600 Symbian Belles announced yesterday, Nokia has trotted out the 100 and 101 feature phones, supposedly the most affordable Nokia phones to date.

The Nokia 100 will be selling for €20, roughly £17.60 (at the time of writing) and the Nokia 101 will be going for €25, which currently works out at £22.

The Nokia 100 is a very basic candybar/12 key phone with a simple layout and just an FM radio for your entertainment needs.

The slightly pricier Nokia 101, which features a more or less identical layout, manages to squeeze an MP3 player in there as well as support for 16GB microSD cards. The 101’s loudspeaker has a ‘perceived loudness’ of 103 phons, so on paper the Nokia 101 sounds like a very cheap replacement MP3 player.

It could well be a bargain, if it ever comes out on these shores. No word on either of these phones heading to the UK. Prices have been given in Euros, but this could hint at selective release across the continent as is the case with the rather lovely Nokia N9 (sniff).

Despite what some politicians and tabloids might have you believe, the last time we looked at a map, the UK was a part of Europe. We’ll let you know if either of these Nokia phones are headed to the British Isles as soon as we hear so.


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