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Nokia’s HERE maps re-launches for free on iOS

After a period on the blocks, Nokia has finally re-released its HERE mapping app for iOS, now available as a free download from the App Store. Apple users, get ready for some awesome offline international maps and full voice guidance.

Nokia’s pretty-darn-good HERE app has been available for Android and Windows Phone for quite a while and now Apple users can download HERE from the App Store once again, giving them a truly offline mapping solution (good news if you’re on a data plan diet).

Besides the offline mapping option, which is extremely useful when travelling abroad thanks to the support for 150 different countries (although a little bit tough on your internal storage), the HERE app gives you intuitive voice guidance or, if you prefer, turn-by-turn guidance for pedestrians.

Nokia has also fitted the app with a decent route planner, which can estimate your arrival time and re-route you past any trouble spots, whether you’re strolling, driving in your car or on public transport.

Public transport routing is also included in the map, for 950 cities across 50 countries, allowing you to plan your journey without independently looking up bus and train timetables. You’ll also find pretty accurate real-time traffic reports for more than 40 countries too, including France, Germany, the USA and – of course – the good ol’ United Kingdom.

The newly launched HERE app for iOS seems to be much more complete than the last time we saw it, and users who are after a good offline competitor to Google Maps and Apple Maps would be well advised to give it a look. You’ll need data for many of the features, like route planning and public transport info, but if you’re just looking to get about and don’t want to tax your data allowance, it could be a real winner – provided you have plenty of space for the map downloads.

You can download HERE free for your iOS device at the App Store.



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