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Nokia Lumia 800 camera creates ‘bullet time’ snowboard video

When you want to show off the video capabilities of the Nokia Lumia 800, mixing cool snowboarding moves with some Matrix bullet-time effects is a great way to do it.

The stunt was filmed this month at the Burton Open Snowboarding Championships in Laax, Switxerland and used 18 of the Windows 7 smartphones to capture a perfect 180-degree perspective.

What’s most impressive about this footage is that it didn’t require any special hardware to shoot, outside of the connection gear needed to keep the phones where they were supposed to be. That’s because all of the synchronisation for that bullet time effect was done using software specially developed for the trick.

“We developed a Windows Phone app that ran on all 18 phones. The purpose of the app was to record a short movie of a trampoline jump in a 180-degree bullet time shot,” Tony Sajdak, part of the team behind the shoot, told Nokia Conversations.

“The challenge was to connect all 18 phones and record the video synchronised over local WiFi. After some tweaking, the solution worked really well. And the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Windows 7.5 Phone OS made the development process fast and painless.”

The team shot more than 100 movies over three days to create the short film. Check it out below and if you like it, check out this record breaking animation shot using the Nokia N8.


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