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Nokia’s £200 iPad-killing tablet coming to UK

The Nokia N1 tablet looks like a serious rival to the iPad Mini, boasting some seriously good specs and solid media credentials for just over £200 – and now it’s finally coming to the UK.

We were beginning to think that the Nokia N1 had got lost on its way to the airport, but the dinky tablet is finally on its way to the UK and Ireland after its unexpected launch at the end of 2014.

Nokia’s N1 is a 7.9-inch Android Lollipop tablet running a custom UI, but with all of Android’s usual features still available. That compact screen is the same size as Apple’s iPad Mini display and boasts the same sharp resolution (329 pixels-per-inch, perfect for watching HD movies). And if you’re always on the move, you’ll love the suitably slim and light design (6.9mm thick, 318g).

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The Nokia N1 is finally about to arrive in the UK.

Intel’s 64-bit quad-core Atom processor should easily handle Android and the latest games, keeping things nice and smooth. There’s no SIM card slot or memory card slot, but you get 32GB of storage space for your apps and media.

And if you’re one of those dinks who loves to take photos with a tablet for some reason, there’s an 8-megapixel rear camera, plus a 5-megapixel front-facer for chatting with mates on Skype.

NokiaShop will be stocking the Nokia N1 here in the UK and Ireland, and while there’s no confirmed price just yet, rumours suggest it’ll be a shade over £200. We’re personally hoping for £199, which would be a seriously competitive price even over the reduced iPad Mini 2.

You can register your interest in the Nokia N1 right now.

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