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Nokia makes the world’s first pair of wireless charging trousers

Charging your Nokia Lumia smartphone has just got easier with the launch of the world’s first pair of wireless charging trousers.

Taking the concept of ‘wearable technology’ to its logical conclusion, the pants pack a 2400mAh battery and a Nokia DC-50 charging plate and take advantage of inductive charging to give your device a boost when on the move.

Nokia trousers
The right trousers?

The unlikely slacks were designed by Adrien Sauvage in collaboration with Nokia for London Collections: ‘Modern Man’, and represent one of many involvements with the phone manufacturer and the fashion industry.

Earlier this year saw a collaboration between Nokia, Fyodor Golan and Kin resulting in an eye-catching skirt fashioned out of eighty of Nokia’s flagship Lumia 1520 and 1020 smartphones, which debuted at London Fashion Week.

Charging pocket

Adam Johnson, Marketing Director for Microsoft Mobile (UK and Ireland), commented: “We have a proud history of working within fashion. Continuing this theme, we are excited to work alongside a talented designer such as A. Sauvage. As well as having the vision to co-create these amazing wireless charging trousers, his style complements the cutting-edge design of the new Lumia 930 smartphone perfectly.”

Unlike the skirt, these trousers can be yours to own. This unique piece will be available to pre-order on Amazon soon. Prices have not yet been revealed, lets just hope they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

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Image credits: Nokia UK Twitter, Nokia Conversations


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