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Nonsense Button and Taffin Button for Android, as heard on Adam and Joe

First there was the BBC iPlayer app, then there was BBC News, launched yesterday. But these are by far the best BBC-related Android apps we’ve seen so far.

We were catching up on last Saturday’s episode of Adam and Joe (or Adam and Garth to be precise) when our attention was drawn to the Nonsense Button and the Taffin Button.

These are some very simple soundboard apps which, when pressed, spurt out two catchphrases from the incredibly silly Radio 6 show.

If you’re not a regular listener to the show then you’ll find these apps a little baffling. The Taffin Button features Pierce Brosnan bellowing a line from the film of the same name, and the Nonsense Button features Adam Buxton chanting his ‘Nonsense Nonsense Nonsense!’ mantra.

In fact, the Nonsense Button really is a load of nonsense. If you look at the App Screenshots on the Android Market, you can see that the second picture has clearly been screengrabbed from an iPhone running something that looks like The Big Red Button app.

They’re both also a whopping 4.2MB in size, and as there’s no install to SD option, these could clog up your Android phone’s internal memory.

Despite this, we love the ramshakle approach that developer meanmodemedian has taken here – we suspect that Google’s App Inventor has been put to good use.

There’s also apparently a Stephen! app in the works along with “other Adam and Joe related sillyness”. We’ve got our fingers crossed for Frozen Wee Sticks.


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