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O2: data plans for the new iPad will be the same as for iPad 2

O2 has told us that while it won’t be directly selling the new iPad on contracts it will continue to offer micro SIM data plans a la the deals its currently got for the iPad 2. So similar is O2’s approach to the new iPad as the old iPad, that we understand that the current prices are to remain as they are for the launch of the new iPad.

O2’s data rates for the new iPad (and by extension any iPad) include a daily deal and two 30-day rolling contracts.

The O2 daily deal gives you 200MB plus unlimited Wi-Fi access for 24 hours for £2.04.

£10.21 for a 30 day period gives you 1GB of data, unlimited Wi-Fi whereas £15.32 gives you 2GB and unlimited Wi-Fi. This tallies with the price information on Apple’s site.

The new iPad comes to the shelves next Friday the 16th of March. The 4G and Wi-Fi editions of the new iPad cost £499, £579 and £659 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB editions respectively.

The new iPad boasts a much higher resolution screen with a pixel count of 2048×1536 and a PPI count of 264. The so-called ‘iSight’ 5-megapixel camera boasts some impressive optics – an f/2.4 lens, IR filter and a BSI (back/side illuminated) sensor for low-light pics.

Check out our hands-on pictures of the new iPad plus our low-down on the features that iOS 5.1 brings to the table.


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