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O2 introduces 18+ 3G content filter, thinks of the children

O2 has quietly rolled out an 18+ content filter across it’s 3G network. The idea is to protect young eyes from things like porn, nudity and other adult-related content.

All well and good, if you’re a concerned parent and are most likely be paying for your teenager’s top ups and phone bills.

But if you’re a consenting adult who enjoys giggling at Photoshops on 4chan’s /b/ board or crudely rendered JPEGs of smut, you won’t be able to get your jollies until you prove to O2 that you’re aged 18 or above.

You can do this by making a dignity-ransacking call to O2 (dial 61818), and paying £1 to get the filter removed. To make this payment you’ll need a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) to hand.

By way of recompense O2 will send you £2.50 of credit, so you get your £1 back plus an extra £1.50, which would get you about a minute’s worth of action on an 18-rated phone line. Or so we hear.

If you’re on contract, you’ll see the £1.50 of credit appearing on your monthly statement. Pay-as-you-go customers should get the credit within a couple of weeks of making the call. You can also pay for this online, by following the link which appears on your phone when you try to access a flagged site (see right).

If you’ve not got a card to hand, you can instead visit your nearest O2 shop with some photo ID (passport, driving licence etc) and a shameful expression on your face.

Obviously, it won’t work if you’re browsing the web over Wi-Fi. So any tech-savvy teenager with a smartphone who wants to look at pr0n will be able to do so, thanks to the ubiquity of wireless hotspots…

Source: O2 via KYM

Image credit: Flickr user celestah


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