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Official: Samsung Galaxy S Gingerbread update coming “late May”, via Kies

Following this morning’s earlier announcement, Samsung has just got in touch with us to announce that the Samsung Galaxy S will be getting its dose of Gingerbread a little later this month.

According to the information we’ve been given, Galaxy S’s ought to be getting Android 2.3 ‘late May’, pending network testing.

What’s more, the Galaxy S will be the first Samsung device to get Android 2.3 Gingerbread,

In an update to news we heard earlier, the likes of the Galaxy Tab tablet and the Galaxy Ace, Mini, Gio and Fit phones won’t be getting 2.3 ‘til it’s hit the Galaxy S.

So, no Gingerbread for these bad boys until the end of May/early June, depending on how things turn out with the network’s processes.

All Samsung Android 2.3 updates will require you to download the Samsung Kies application.

Samsung Kies is still a Windows-only deal. So those with Macs or Ubuntu anything else non-Microsoft will have to ask a PC-owning mate/install Windows/Bootcamp if they want to get some Gingerbread/Kies action on the go.

We’ll keep you popsted on any announcements we hear from the networks regarding Galaxy S and other Galaxy Family devices getting Android 2.3.


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