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OK! Magazine launches Celebspotter iPhone app

OK! Magazine has launched a new iPhone app that aims to help ‘civilians’ (as Liz Hurley calls us) find the top celebrity hangouts around the UK. It’s called OK! Celebspotter, and covers restaurants, bars, shops and the kind of private members clubs that you can only get into if you’re somethingth in line to the throne.

The app ties in listings with reviews from sources like Squaremeal and the Good Pub Guide, wrapping them around a Google Maps interface to help users find the nearest celebrity-packed venues (warning: not so useful for users in Accrington).

OK! is clearly using the app to foster its own army of mobile paparazzi too, since it lets people upload their celeb spottings and photos from within it. The app also pulls in celebrity pics and news from other sites, and ties into the official OK! Twitter feed.

The current release includes a feature to search by celebrity, with more than 630 being tracked around the UK – yes, this is a potential stalker’s dream. There’s also a 2010 World Cup WAG feature, which sounds poorly timed until you realise that with England out of the tournament, the squad’s significant others should be out and about partying in their home country soon.


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