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Oppo R7 phone leaks with near-invisible bezels and sweet specs

The Oppo R7 has surreptitiously appeared early, showing off its glorious bezel-less display and seriously impressive specs in a new leaked video.

The video clip in question was first posted to Youku (China’s version of YouTube) a few days ago and it shows the Oppo R7 in operation, complete with a sexy edge-to-edge display. But as well as that gorgeous design, the device’s general speed and responsiveness also have us moist under the collar. Check out the video in full by scrolling down.

According to the usual web witterings, Oppo’s new phone is set to combine the near bezel-free design with a super-thin form factor. Apparently the R7 may be even slimmer than the Oppo R5, which already sported an insanely thin 4.9mm frame. There won’t be any camera humps on the device either, so like the Huawei P8 it will embrace ‘absolute flatness’.

That lack of bezel isn’t all it’s cracked up to be though. The Oppo R7 manages to achieve the effect by curving its display glass ever-so-slightly on the sides, like a very subtle version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Oppo’s sexy design is all well and good, but the phone could be a huge winner on specs alone if the rumours turn out to be gospel. Internet gossip has so far revealed a 20-megapixel primary camera, which will most likely be a Sony module, as well as an octa-core MediaTek MT6795 64-bit chipset and 3GB RAM. And all packed within that impossibly slim and chic frame.

There’s no official word on when we’ll get to see the Oppo R7 yet, but the company’s update cycle usually reveals a new device every six months, or there abouts, so we should be in for a full and official reveal sometime within the next month.


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