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Orange announces new iPad 3 price plans plus iPhone and new iPad bundles

Hot on the heels of Three’s announcement comes Orange’s price plans for the new iPad/iPad 3. As well as this there’s some sweet bundle deals that’ll see you picking up an iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and an iPhone 3GS free alongside a new iPad. Can you say bargain?

First up is Orange’s new iPad price plans.

Orange new iPad 3 UK prices

Prices for the new iPad vary; if you’re an existing Orange customer you can pick up the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB new iPads for £199, £249 and £349 each.

Newcomers won’t enjoy such a discount and will have to pay £229, £279 and £379 respectively. That’s still less than the upfront prices that Apple are asking for 4G and Wi-Fi new iPads.

All versions of the new iPad are going on 24 month contracts costing £25 a month. This gets you 1GB of data to use plus 1GB of ‘quiet time’ data – for use between the hours of midnight and 4am. Perfect for those new GarageBand jam sessions that’ll no doubt run into the small hours… As well as this there’s access to BT’s Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots (10GB a month) thrown in.

Orange new iPad 3 and iPhone deals

If you fancy picking up a new iPhone to go with your new iPad then have a look at Orange’s Connected deals.

At £66 a month, it’s not a cheap contract. But this will get you 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of data to share between your iPhone and new iPad. Plus, in most cases, there’s no up front fee for the iPhone or the new iPad. 10GB of BT Openzone access is also thrown in as before.

The best deal where you get everything for free is the deal which gets you a new 16GB iPhone 4S and a 16GB 4G and Wi-Fi new iPad.

iPhone 4’s and iPhone 3GS’s are only available in 8GB flavours but in most cases you’ll be able to get a new iPad for free with these.

4G or not 4G? That is the question

As we reported yesterday, the new iPad won’t work with true 4G/LTE once it’s live in the UK. The new iPads will, however, be compatible with the forthcoming HSPA+/3.5G rollouts that will give Orange and T-Mobile customers faster browsing, streaming and download speeds.

Pippa Dunn, consumer chief marketing officer, Everything Everywhere said in a statement that “New iPad customers will benefit from the widest 3G coverage in the UK and, with our advanced 3.5G roll out, they will also benefit from a really fast network. As a result, we’re definitely the number one place to go for those wanting the best all round performance on their new iPad”.

Orange will be selling the new iPad from Friday the 16th of March onwards (that’s tomorrow!) in stores and online.


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