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Orange debuts new mobile WiFi device

Orange has announced a new mobile WiFi receiver called the Orange E5830 Mobile WiFi device, along with a refresh of its mobile broadband price plans.

The E5830 follows Orange’s Novotel Wireless 3352 released last year and is clearly designed as an alternative to the hugely successful Three MiFi.


This compact receiver is designed to for use on the go, connecting with up to five WiFI gadgets via an Orange sim card, with a signal indicator to determine the strength of signal.

Orange has also refreshed its mobile broadband price plans. Simplifying them to Small, Medium and Large plans, each designed to match the use of different types of user.

Designed for occasional use the Small plan has a download allowance of 500Mb and costs £10 a month. Moderate users can select the Medium plan offering 1GB data for £15 a month and finally the Large plan is targetting heavy data users and offers 3GB data for £30 a month.

Existing Orange customers can save an additional £5 from each plan.

As an added benefit customers who take the Medium and Large plans get WiFi access at 200,000 BT hotspots across the UK.

The new Mobile Data Plans are available now and he Orange E5830C Mobile WiFi device is due for release over the next couple of weeks and will cost from £20 to £60.


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