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Orange introduces £3 EU browsing bundle

 Orange has announced a new European mobile internet browsing bundle offering 30Mb of data for £3 a day.

Starting a midnight local time, the data allowance works on a daily rate, so if you don’t use the data you don’t pay. Go over 30Mb and you are looking at additional charges of £3.07 a MB. Although 30Mb data is enough to send 30 emails with attachments or browse for 1.5 hours a day

Available to Pay Monthly, dongle and Small Business customers, the new bundle is designed to offer a daily alternative to Orange’s revamped monthly and 30-day browsing bundles.  These are available for trips to Europe and cost £15 for 30MB, £50 for 150MB and £150 for 300MB to use over the month.

Liz Wynn from Orange UK, said: “Many people consider internet access an integral part of any trip. For this very reason we are introducing the new daily roaming bundle…. to help our Pay Monthly customers get the most out of their mobile internet while in Europe. ”

This brings the service in-line more with Vodafone, which currently charges customers £2 a day for 25MB. O2 customers will pay £3.06 per MB in the EU while Three charges £1.28MB, capping the amount at £43 a month. T-Mobile offers three weekly browsing bundles: 3MB for £1, 20MB for £5 and £10 for 50MB.

The EU Mobile Internet bundle is available to Orange customer services by calling 150 on their handsets.

Source: Orange


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