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Orange San Francisco: Android phone now under £70

We’ve spotted the entry-level Android phone, Orange San Francisco,at a cut-price £69.99 (plus an additional £10 top-up on pay-as-you-go.)

Even better- you can stand out from the black monolithic smartphone crowd with this white version– everyone loves white, right? (We’ve spotted it’s also available in grey- but, well, we think it looks better in the blanc.)

This is even cheaper than when we spotted it at Argos earlier this year, with a capacitive touchscreen, a slightly elderly Android 2.1, and FM radio all jammed into the San Francisco.

We raved about this phone when it arrived as a mid-priced Android handset. Though it has aged a little, no internet tethering here, if you’re looking for web browsing, social network access, emails, and some multimedia functions, you’ll find them all here.

If you don’t need bleeding edge processors and specs, and you’re looking for a gentle, wallet-friendly entry into the world of smartphones and Google Android, it’s a good option.

You can buy it now from Orange’s official store; white here, and grey here.


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