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Photo Stream icon hints at 4-inch plus screen for iPhone 5, 3.7-inches for iPhone 4S?

It’s amazing what can be gleaned, inferred, extrapolated – or exaggerated – from the smallest of details.

A screengrab from the beta version of Apple’s Photo Stream picture sharing service appears to hinted at a redesigned and reshaped iPhone 5, with the iconic circular menu key being eschewed in favour of a rectangular ovoidy one *cough*Galaxy S2*cough*.

9to5Mac has run wild with this nugget, posting images of what it thinks one of the two rumoured iOS 5 phones will look like.

‘Based on the Photo Stream icon’ they’re saying that one of the devices will roll with a 3.7-inch screen, which will most likely be the cheaper “new smaller one” (the iPhone 4S?) while the “upgraded one, the iPhone 5” will have a larger 4-inch plus screen that takes it “nearly [to] the size of the Galaxy S line.”

This flies in the face of previous ‘leaked shots’ including the edge to edge screen mock ups we’ve seen, including the leaked images showing off the gesture commands of iOS 5. The screen grab on the left here clearly shows the round home button icon that we all know and love.

Though the Photo Stream icon with the oval button comes from Apple software you could say that this is a tacit sign from Apple, noted for its stringent attention to detail, that the iPhone 5/4S/whatever will follow this design styling. Then again, this is beta Photo Stream, so everything could change.

Our guess is that Steve Jobs personally inserted this icon as a parting gift to keep everyone on their toes before the big official reveal. The big reveal that’s coming any day now…


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