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RE:Shakespeare app review

Re:Shakespeare is a new Android app collaboration between the RSC and Samsung, designed to get kids more interested in the bard’s works. So, to download or not to download? Check out our Re:Shakespeare app review.

Studying Shakespeare’s scripts in school is often about as exciting as watching moss grow, unless your teacher happens to be one of those rare funny and enthusiastic types. And as David Tennant points out in the Re:Shakespeare app’s intro, that’s not how they’re meant to be absorbed; you want to see sharp-jawed British actors flailing around on stage, spitting up a storm.

Re:Shakespeare is designed to get kids interested in the bard via three simple games and activities. The first is a quiz that has you guessing whether select quotes come Shakespeare plays or from rapper Akala’s songs. It’s surprisingly tricky at times and shows how lyrical the bard could be at his best.

The second section is a silly-but-fun interactive segment that has you miming along to some of Shakespeare’s best put-downs and romantic quotes. You can share your most dramatic efforts via social media, directing them at your worst enemies or secret crushes as appropriate.

Finally there’s a simple soundboard that has you creating your own Shakespeare lyrics over a beat. A bit more depth would’ve been nice, with more settings, beats and mixing options.

In all, Re:Shakespeare is a simple affair but its heart is in the right place and it’d be nice to see Samsung put out more star-studded apps to get kids into stuff like trigonometry.


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