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Red HTC One makes an appearance on retailer’s website

Not too thrilled with the current colour options of the HTC One? you may soon have the option of picking up a ruby red version of the handset if a listing by Handtec is anything to go by. The online retailer recently put up a listing for the red version of the HTC One for roughly the same price as a regular white or black model.

Is this a real listing or some whimsical thinking on Handtec’s part? It’s hard to say. The low resolution of the picture doesn’t inspire much confidence, after all. You have to admit, though, that the phone certainly looks dashing in red. Handtec’s listing shows the red version of the phone phone as out of stock, but if it ever surfaces for real, it’ll set you back a cool £503.99.

It comes not long after HTC itself served up some accidental renders of the One in red. The company ultimately brushed off the pictures, claiming it was an error, but maybe there really is a red version of the One on the way. Whatever the case, we’ll simply have to sit tight and see if it ever materializes.

[spotted at Phandroid]


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