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Retro phone quiz

It’s pretty obvious that we love phones here at Recombu and we know our readers are just as crazy about all things mobile. To celebrate this we’ve put together a retro phone quiz to test your knowledge.

If you’re mad about mobiles then you might have already heard about TalkTalk’s brand new All-in SIM only deal. Existing TalkTalk customers, or new customers who sign up to one of TalkTalk’s other products can get a pay monthly SIM that gives them unlimited calls, unlimited texts and unlimited data all for only £12 per month. Not a bad deal is it?

The cheapest equivalent SIM only deal from a rival network will cost you £20 per month, with some costing as much as £28 per month. So they are all quite a bit more expensive than TalkTalk’s All-in deal. You can compare more SIM only deals by using our SIM only comparison tool.

This is yet another deal that makes buying a new smartphone outright a cheaper option than the vast majority of pay monthly contracts. If you want to save cash in the long run, it’s definitely something to consider. Before picking up your new SIM from TalkTalk, have a go at our quiz and remember there was a time when SMS was considered high tech!


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