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Rumoured ‘test version’ of iOS shows off new multi-tasking function on 64GB White iPhone 4

Videos from serial secret-slippers Tinhte allegedly show a new app management function on the iPhone, allowing you to see all currently running apps on a single screen.

Pressing the home button twice gets you to the multi-tasking screen, and running apps can be stopped in the same way you delete unwanted icons from your phone- hold it on-screen for a while, then ‘x’ it.

You can then switch to these apps with a tap, and they’ll expand to fill the screen. At the top, there’s a box for Apple’s Spotlight search, but we don’t know just yet whether using this would bring you out of the multi-task screen, or display results on top.

In a second video, the guys at Tinhte show some technical details of the iPhone they’re using- a white iPhone 4 that’s 64GB big. A new one, then.

It also shows a retweaked folder system, but there’s nothing earth-shattering; the window seems to be a slightly different shape.

Here are the two videos, for your viewing pleasure.

Via: Engadget

Source Tinhte


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