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Samsung believes that 4K displays for phones will debut in 2015

Large 1080p display are the current standard for Android smartphones, yet resolutions are set to jump once again in 2014 and 2015. During an analyst event today, Samsung revealed that it’s currently working on new AMOLED technology that will usher in 2560×1440 panels designed for smartphones.

Android Beat has the relevant slides from the event. In one, Samsung details how it’s working on RGB AMOLED displays with pixel densities of 560 PPI. Current 5-inch 1080p screens are 440 PPI, which is already overkill. Another slide predicts the resolution trend for the next two years. 2560×1440 panels are expected next year, and 4K smartphone displays may even become a reality by 2015.

Are even higher resolution displays going to make much of a difference at this point? Resolution isn’t the only important factor of a smartphone display. You also need to worry about brightness levels, uniformity, colour gamut, and overall accuracy. Some of those attributes may improve with even higher resolution panels, but it would be nice to see companies recognizing their importance instead of simple focusing on resolution.


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