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Samsung’s Fashion Forward Project teases its next smartwatch

We’ve seen Samsung rope in names from the world of fashion to drum up interest in new products before and this latest partnership hints at the Gear S2.

Alongside August 13th’s simultaneous launch events in London and New York, Samsung unveiled a new fashion project with whom it calls ‘Industry Tastemakers.’ The makers-of-taste in question are models Bella Hadid, Xiao Wen Ju and photographer Steven Klein who helped compile a lookbook featuring the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+ and a surprise appearance or two from its Gear S2 smartwatch.

Whilst the two new phablets have been documented at length since their recent unveiling, there’s not a huge amount of information available on the Gear S2 right now and that’s unlikely to change until its official launch at IFA in Berlin next month.

Gear S2 screenshots

Based on the name and the shots we do have, unlike the Gear Live this isn’t an Android Wear-powered timepiece and like the older Gears that launched before it, will likely run a Tizen-based operating system, Samsung’s favoured alternative when it’s not dipping into Google’s pond.

Aesthetically it’s the first circular-faced smartwatch we’ve seen from the company and its looks rather elegant. Provided the body of the watch is metal and not silver plastic, it should also offer a nice premium feel too.

Next is Now Gear S2

The lookbook features two shots of the Gear S2, confirming at the very least that it’ll be available with a black and white strap, although it’s not clear if these are interchangeable. Footage Samsung also pushed at the New York Unpacked event highlights a circular UI, similar to LG’s webOS-based LG Watch Urbane LTE wearable.

A BTS video on the creation of Samsung’s latest fashion lookbook.

As we said, the Gear S2 is set to make a formal appearance on September 3rd in Germany, when Samsung unveils all the additional goodies it was restrained enough to keep tucked away at Thursday’s event(s).


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