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Samsung schedules June 20th event to showcase new Galaxy and Ativ devices

Samsung has announced that it will be holding an event on June 20th in London to showcase new Galaxy and Ativ devices. The Next Web reports that the company will hold the event at Earl’s Court while also livestreaming it out to the internet via its YouTube channel. Samsung included several teaser images, but leaks over the past few weeks give us a better picture of what to expect.

First up is the Galaxy S4 Active. The existence of the ruggedized version of the Galaxy S4 was revealed back in April, although the phone itself was caught on camera more recently. The Galaxy S4 Active looks to ditch the famous plastic build that Samsung uses across its Galaxy line, instead swapping in a metal chassis that reportedly resists water and dust. Specifications for the device are also said to be similar to the Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy S4 Mini is also expected to make an appearance. Just like the Galaxy S3 Mini, this handset is apparently intended to be a smaller and more affordable version of Samsung’s current flagship. The purported specs aren’t up to snuff with the real Galaxy S4, of course, but those seeking a more comfortable 4.3-inch handset may be interested.

Finally, there’s the Galaxy S4 Zoom, an alleged mid-range handset that will feature a 16-megapixel camera. It might be a device born out of Galaxy Camera sales, or it might just be that Samsung is yet again trying to fill every possible niche. The Active and the Mini seem locked in at this point, but the Zoom seems a bit more far-fetched. We’ll find out more come June 20th.


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