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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 6s Plus: What’s the difference?

We compare the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus to see which has the best specs and features. Is Samsung’s latest and greatest phablet as good as the super-sized iPhone?

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 and the iPhone 6s Plus aren’t just two mega-sized mobiles, they also represent the very best Android and iOS hardware that you can buy right now. The Note 7 is packed with all kinds of awesome features, as well as boasting plenty of power and Samsung’s gorgeous edge-to-edge design. Meanwhile the iPhone 6s Plus is another beastly-sized blower, boasting excellent camera tech and Apple’s 3D Touch display.

Here’s how the Note 7 and iPhone 6s compare in terms of specs, camera tech, performance, battery life and more. And don’t miss our massive Galaxy Note 7 review, to see why this is one of the greatest phones of 2016 so far.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus: At a glance

Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Apple iPhone 6s Plus
Weight 169g 192g
Screen size 5.7-inches 5.5-inches
Screen resolution 2560×1440 Quad HD 1920×1080 Full HD
Water resistant? Yes No
Security Fingerprint sensor, iris scanner Fingerprint sensor
Processor Snapdragon 820/Exynos Apple A9
Memory 4GB 2GB
Storage 64GB 16/64/128GB
MicroSD? Yes No
Battery 3500mAh 2750mAh
Price £700 £619

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus: Specs and features

Although the iPhone 6s Plus sports the smaller screen of these two handsets, at 5.5-inches compared with the 5.7-inch Note 7, it’s actually Samsung’s phone that’s more compact and comfortable to clutch. That’s thanks to the neat and slender edge-to-edge design of the Note 7, which really looks the biz too.

That said, the iPhone 6s Plus is stil a good-looking mobile too, even if it lacks the beautiful curvature of the Note 7. The Note 7 also has the benefit of being water resistant, unlike the iPhone.

Packed inside the iPhone 6s Plus is Apple’s own A9 processor, which keeps the latest games running at a perfect frame rate. The user experience is pleasingly smooth and stutter-free. Likewise, the Note 7 (powered by the Snapdragon 820 processor) offers a sleek everyday experience, with no awkward pauses unless you’re running two memory-hogging apps side-by-side.

The iPhone 6s Plus’ battery is much smaller than the Note 7’s, but both of these phones give you roughly a day of life between charges. Not great, but not tragic either.

If you like carrying a massive media collection around or shooting loads of 4K video, then you might want to consider the Galaxy Note 7. The 64GB of storage can be boosted with the help of a microSD memory card, something you won’t find supported on the iPhone 6s Plus. To make things worse, the base iPhone 6s model has just 16GB of space, which is rather pitiful.

As for camera tech, both handsets here boast brilliant smartphone snappers which can capture bright, attractive photos in a range of conditions. You can also record up to UHD video and in slow motion too, if that’s your bag. Take a look at our Note 7 camera review for samples and more.

Of course, the major deciding factor between these phones is likely to be Samsung’s excellent S Pen stylus. This allows you to easily edit documents, create GIFs, doodle on the go and plenty more besides. Check out our Note 7 tips and tricks guide for more info.

Here’s our full Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 6s Plus comparison review in video form:

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