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Samsung Galaxy S2: Teaser videos revealed

In the approach to their big Samsung Unboxed event, the Korean phone-maker has revealed several teaser videos of their Galaxy S sequel. Not many concrete details can be gleaned from the two videos, aside from it looking extremely thin. And perhaps a massive torch.

Samsung have previously told us that the next Galaxy S (no name confirmed yet) will have both dual-processors, and the latest Super AMOLED Plus screen.

This will be the latest addition to a new family Galaxy phones revealed by Samsung. The Samsung Unboxed event is part of Mobile World Congress, now only a few weeks away, and it was at last year’s event where the original Galaxy S had its first outing. They’ll be looking to duplicate the wow-factor of that Super AMOLED display this year.

Samsung are promising to a live from the event, and you’ll be able to watch it here. For the finer details, Recombu will there, reporting live from the event.

Take a look at the new (very) shiny phone teaser videos below.


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