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Samsung Galaxy S20 Review

Galaxy S20 may not reinvent the wheel for Samsung and some may be disappointed with the fairly run-of-the-mill design compared to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but a smorgasbord of quality of life changes might just make this the best Android phone you can buy right now.

What we love – A handy size for all, screen still stellar and camera comes good

The era of phones getting bigger might just be over and, phones like the Galaxy S20, are bringing pint-size back. While bigger phones give you that immersive viewing experience, those with smaller hands or a dislike for two-handed use have been getting a raw deal. 

The Galaxy S20 sits delightfully in the hand and still squeezes in a glorious 6.2-inch 120Hz QHD+ OLED display. While you may not be able to use utilise all those pixels and the max refresh rate at the same time, the screen offers a rich experience and is only ever-so-slightly curved – providing good looks and a comfy grip.

Samsung phones have already offered a very good camera experience but, of late, iPhones and Pixels have left the Galaxy lineup behind. With the jump from S10 to S20, Samsung is back in the game. 

The Galaxy S20 camera finally refreshes the internals and provides pictures you’ll want to show off – producing punchy and detailed images that aren’t tarnished by the dodgy post-processing Samsung previously offered. Galaxy S20 truly stands up to stellar camera offerings like iPhone 11 Pro.

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Galaxy S20 (left)

What we don’t like – Doesn’t look cutting edge, fingerprint folly and a lack of endurance

The Samsung Galaxy S20 looks great but is far from breathtaking – you’ll have to look to the Galaxy S20 Ultra for ultra-premium design. The new flagship is far from ugly but its understated design may leave some wanting more.

As one of the top players in the Android market, you’d think Samsung would have the in-display fingerprint tech down to a T. Yet, the included optical sensor of the S20 just doesn’t cut it – often requiring multiple attempts to get your print registered and falling short of being snappy.

While it’s great that the Galaxy S20 sports a gorgeous 120Hz QHD+ panel, the combination of the bright panel, powerful specs and just a 4000mAh battery make for a phone that can struggle to last all day. You should manage if you stick to 60Hz but push this phone with the super-smooth 120Hz tech and you will be lucky to reach two hours of screen on time. Phones like the OnePlus 8 Pro have managed this refresh rate to battery life balancing act quite a bit better.

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With the Galaxy S20, Samsung has played it safe – opting for refinements over innovation. However, these refinements were craved by many and culminate in a cracking experience – from the stunning display and manageable size to top-notch photography. Galaxy S20 rivals other flagships in almost every category, making it an easy recommendation for its consistency across the board.

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