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Samsung Galaxy S3 gets fastest mobile broadband in the UK

Although we’ve not quite got 4G sorted here in the UK we have got DC-HSPA, which is an enhanced version of the current 3G network we run. It is often referred to as 3.5G and offers twice as fast download speed when compared to a regular HSPA network in the UK.

DC-HSPA is the latest standard in 3G networking speeds and offers a much faster mobile broadband experience. The great news for Samsung Galaxy S3 fans is that the device supports the new standard and so they will be able to enjoy the enhanced network speeds on their devices.

 Samsung Galaxy S3 press shot 

When it comes to UK networks, O2 has already rolled DC-HSPA to its customers in major cities across the UK, offering a whopping 5MB per second. In February this year, Three UK announced trials of DC-HSPA and full-rollout is planned for later this summer. Orange and T-Mobile’s Everything Everywhere also hopes to have the standard rolled out by the end of this year. Vodafone, not to be left out, has also brought the service to its network, although it has placed a cap at 3.5MB per second for its customers.

When the new iPad 3 was released, there was much frustration in its 4G capabilities not being available to us Brits, but good news is that it too has DC-HSPA. Mobile phone-wise, both the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC One X support the network. The HTC One X however is capped at 2.6MB per second.


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