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Samsung Galaxy S3 to have an 4.8-inch display?

An unknown tipster sent an intriguing spy shot to mobile blog showing what looks like an assembled Samsung Galaxy S3 lying next to a ruler. If the image is to be believed, the screen size differs from what we previously suspected would be around a 4.65/4.7-inch display, hitting nearer to the 4.8-inch mark.

The device also measure 130mm high, approximately 4.7mm taller than its predecessor, the Galaxy S2. Aside from this new tidbit of information however, the tipster wasn’t able to reveal anything else. The Galaxy S3 appears to have cropped up a number of times, from a number of sources in an number of locations, which given the draw this device brings, has made it difficult to discern who’s telling the truth and who’s telling pork pies.

Samsung Galaxy S3 screen with ruler

Samsung have been tight lipped on the matter of leaks and rumours as expected, with the only piece of official news regarding the device being its new chispset, the Exynos 4 Quad which we found out about last week (alongside the next-gen Exynos 5 Dual).

We’ve already explored all that we know and put it in one place (check out our Samsung Galaxy S3 rumour roundup here), but as we find out more, we’ll keep you in the loop. The countdown has nearly run it’s course as Samsung will be pulling the covers off their new flagship in London this Thursday at their Unpacked event along with an anticipated cloud storage service, their S-Cloud. We’ll be there bringing you photos and videos of the phone,  software and services Samsung reveal on the day.

UPDATED (May 2nd): If the blurry ruler shot above was an indication of the Samsung Galaxy S3’s suggested 4.8-inch screen size, shots of a screen protector picked up by reinforce this fact by overlaying it on a number of sizable competitors.

S3 screen protector

The shots show both a list of features and accessories bundled with the protector as well as it sitting atop both a Samsung Galaxy S2 (with its 4.3-inch display) and an HTC One X (with its 4.7-inch display). Both instances show that the supposed S3 protector is destined for something a fraction larger, but we also get a glimpse of the component positioning, with a physical central hardware key as expected, and a slit in the top, presumably for the brightness sensor and/or the front-facing camera. We’ll keep an eye out if we find anything more like this.


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