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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega, S4 Mini, and S4 Active names spied in app update

We’ve seen references to the Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy S4 Active before, but what the heck is the Galaxy S4 Mega? That’s a new moniker that’s been spotted this morning in an update changelog for one of Samsung’s apps, suggesting that we might see another Mega device besides the Mega 5.8 or Mega 6.3.

Then again, it could simply be a mistake. Samsung may just be referring to the already announced Mega devices and accidently slipped in an “S4”. Maybe Samsung is going to rename those Mega devices and add S4 in front so it can keep leveraging the strong brand recognition. Maybe it really is a brand new device. Who knows! Anything is really speculation at this point.

The other two name drops – the Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy S4 Active – suggest that those devices will be announced very soon, though. The Galaxy S4 Mini has leaked out in pictures time and time again, with specs said to include a 4.3-inch 960×540 display, with the design looking very similar to the full-size Galaxy S4. Not much is known about the Galaxy S4 Active at this point, but a report suggested that it wouldn’t be too far removed from the regular Galaxy S4, just in a more ruggedized shell that will be water and dust resistant.

SamMobile has also hinted that these devices will be announced shortly. The site believes that the S4 Mini and S4 Active will be coming in the summer months, with an official unveiling currently pegged for the end of May.

[spotted at Android Beat]


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