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Samsung suffers Galaxy S5 setbacks from fires and production problems

Apart from constantly being sued by Apple, you wouldn’t imagine that Samsung had to endure many headaches, but the truth is that the Seoul-men are suffering from Galaxy S5 issues at a migraine-inducing level.

Samsung's struggling S5

We’re not generally ones to point out and pick on someone’s problems, but when we see a set of production issues hit a smartphone manufacturer, as the upstanding pillar of the tech world that we are, we feel it’s our duty to publicly point a finger and say, “That could be going better, couldn’t it?”

The manufacturer suffering this series of set-backs is, surprisingly, Samsung and the phone causing the South Korean giant such frustration is, equally surprisingly, the new Galaxy S5, it’s baby and the current top dog.

The first misfortune to befall the mobile-maker was a fire at one of the factories currently fashioning S5s, scorching stock and production equipment alike. Which is hindrance enough when the world is eagerly awaiting arrival of Sammy’s new flagship phone (UK launch is billed for April 11th), but it seems that other obstacles are now impeding the production progress, with reports suggesting that the optics in the S5’s 16-megapixel camera sensor are stubbornly refusing to centre properly and that there are also stability concerns over the lens module’s coating process.

A trio of troubles then that have seriously slowed down the S5. But as superstitious types would point out these things tend to come in threes, which should mean that Samsung has now endured its unfair share of stumbling blocks and, indeed, the official line from Seoul is that, fire aside, the problems are being fixed.

However, the damage done, rather than rolling out the 5-7 million units Samsung had planned, now only 4-5 million will be available upon launch in April, leaving more than a handful disappointed. Still, what’s 1-2 million missing mobiles between friends?



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