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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G4 hands on | MWC 2016

We compare Samsung’s Galaxy S7 to the LG G4, LG’s five star-rated flagship phone from last year. 

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a beast; in the brief hands on time we’ve had with it we’re very impressed with the punchiness of both the panel, which performed very well under the harsh glare of Samsung’s Mobile World Congress booth and the camera. 

It looks like the hype around the Galaxy S7’s dual pixel camera is justified – that autofocus certainly is fast and furious as you can see in our Galaxy S7 hands on video here

But the LG G4’s camera was (and still is) very good indeed, performing particularly well in low light conditions. We’re keen to see how the S7’s camera with its f/1.7 aperture performs in gloomy conditions – obviously a very well lit product booth isn’t the best place to speculate on how good that might be, so let’s turn our attention to the more immediate differences. 

The Galaxy S7’s Quad HD (2,560×1,440) resolution screen measures 5.1-inches across, which is 0.4-inches smaller than the LG G4’s screen, which boasts the same resolution. In terms of pixel density, this means the Galaxy S7 wins, although such an advantage is frankly negligible at regular viewing distances. 

The smaller screen means that the Galaxy S7 is also more pocketable and svelte. It doesn’t have that same curved back and therefore might be a better shout for those who found the LG G4 a bit of a handful. Then again, you might as well say the same about the LG G5, which is also slimmer and less dense than the G4 – check out our hands on comparison of that with the LG G4 here

Thankfully, Samsung’s decided to add a microSD card slot to the Galaxy S7, something that it’s predecessor lacked. One area where Sammy’s arguably dropped the ball with the S7 is by making that battery non-removable. In other words, Samsung’s done that that thing that people routinely bitch out Apple over. It’s a route that LG thankfully didn’t go down with the G4 and, we’re happy to report, it hasn’t gone down with the LG G5 either

Once we get proper review samples in, we’ll be able to do a more thorough analysis. Until then…

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