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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs best phones of 2017: Is the S8 the ultimate champion?

Samsung’s mighty Galaxy S8 flagship phone is finally here and this premium 5.8-inch handset is just as divine as we’d previously hoped. This brilliant blend of gorgeous design, top-end components and smart software makes for one of the best mobiles of 2017.

But how does the Samsung Galaxy S8 compare with our favourite handsets already out in the UK? Here we stack up Samsung’s most desirable phone to date with last year’s Galaxy S7, Apple’s iPhone 7, Google’s own-brand Pixel phone and other Android flagships from the likes of LG.

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Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S7

Last year’s Galaxy S7 and of course the brilliant S7 Edge were arguably Samsung’s finest phones of all time. They were certainly two of our favourite mobiles of 2016, thanks to that desirable glass-and-metal finish and all of the fine things packed inside.

Of course, this year’s Galaxy S8 sports the same edge-to-edge design of the S7 Edge, boosted by that front-filling display. The new phone is once again water resistant, with scratch-resistant surfacing. Luckily you once again have one-handed modes too, so you won’t have to fumble and awkwardly wrestle with your mobile when you try using it with a single mitt.

Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S7

You get a bigger screen with the 2017 smartphone, although the S7’s panel is just as crisp and gloriously vibrant. However, the new S8 supports mobile HDR video playback, for stronger contrast levels and more realistic visuals. Samsung has also plugged in a more powerful Exynos processor, for up-to-date performance.

Like the S7 before it, the S8 sports an f/1.7 12-megapixel rear camera that’s great for everyday shots. Night snaps are even clearer, with more detail than before. Both the S7 and S8 can shoot up to 4K resolution video with strong results. However, the real difference comes with the Galaxy S8’s front-facing camera, which now sports an f/1.7 aperture lens too.

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Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7

Apple’s latest iPhone may not sport much of a redesign compared with the previous iPhone 6s, but it’s still a good-looking handset.

However, Samsung definitely wins when it comes to visual appeal. The innovative and aesthetically pleasing Galaxy S8 boasts a much bigger display than the iPhone 7 without bumping up the form factor much. Meanwhile you also have crisper, more vibrant image reproduction – the iPhone sticks to more realistic output.

Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7

Both phones are water resistant and sport fingerprint sensors, although the Galaxy S8 also boasts an iris scanner and microSD memory card expandability.

When it comes to performance and battery life, the S8 and iPhone 7 are pretty evenly matched. Samsung’s flagship does allow wireless charging of course, if you’re into all that. Smartphone snappers will delight in either camera, although the Galaxy S8 is the new champion of low light shots. Both handsets are great for everyday snaps, while either can shoot up to 4K resolution video.

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Galaxy S8 vs Google Pixel phone

Google’s Pixel handset was the first phone to come with Android Nougat on board, showcased in some rather spectacular hardware. The Pixel not only boasted top-end performance and serious media chops; this 5-inch handset also wowed us with its beefy and impressively versatile camera tech.

Well, the Galaxy S8 is a clear match for the Pixel in pretty much every department. You again have top-of-the-range performance for a smooth everyday experience, with both handsets offering solid VR support too.

Meanwhile Samsung’s massive 5.8-inch display offers an even more immersive viewing experience. The S8 boasts microSD expandability too, something missing on the Pixel. That means you can carry around a much bigger media collection, if desired.

Galaxy S8 vs Google Pixel phone

Samsung also wins when it comes to water resistance, surviving even a lengthy dunking under fresh water. Plus there’s an iris scanner on offer as well as a fingerprint sensor – only the latter is housed on the Pixel phone.

But when it comes to camera tech, the battle is much closer. Google’s Pixel is a fantastic snapper and the S8 also offers attractive, accurate results in pretty much any conditions.

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Galaxy S8 vs LG G6

If the Galaxy S8 has a strong rival right now as far as portable media machines go, it’s the LG G6. LG’s new flagship is another big-screen blower that supports HDR video playback. Visuals are truly stunning on either handset, with their colourful widescreen panels proving best in class.

Of course, the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are bitter rivals in every other department too. Performance and battery life is a close-run thing, while both phones offer water resistance, microSD support and tight security. The S8 does boast an iris scanner however, something missing from LG’s blower.

Galaxy S8 vs LG G6

As for the camera tech, these smartphones sport very different snappers. LG’s G6 packs a dual-lens shooter similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, where the two lenses operate independently. In the case of the G6, you can either take a standard shot or a wide-angle photo which captures a huge amount of the landscape.

The G6’s camera is similarly capable in a wide range of conditions, including when the lights are turned down low. You also get access to a variety of funky effects including square collages, while the Galaxy S8 offers up AR face masks and stickers to decorate your shots.

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