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Samsung, Jamie Oliver and London 2012: Hope Relay unveiled

Samsung are gearing up to take centre stage along with London for the 2012 Olympic Games. Not content with possessing the official Olympic phone in their Samsung Galaxy S3, they have an app too, but this is more than just an app, it’s an initiative to get people fitter, bring people together and get Samsung content on more smartphones.

Dubbing 2012 as the first social Olympic Games, Samsung are introducing Hope Relay as a charity initiative along with a promised range of others to get people doing more than just watching the London Olympics. But what exactly does it do?

SP KIM president and CEO of Samsung Europe filled us in. For every mile run Samsung will download £1 to the Kids Company here in the UK. You can run, walk or even cycle your mile and by tracking your movements on your smartphone’s GPS, as simply as that Samsung will start donating. It appears there is a limit of 27 miles per go and you can’t travel faster than 18 miles per hour, so be sure to reset your count once your marathon’s up. Available now on the Google Play Store and in testing on the App Store for iOS devices, it should be available on most smartphones in the UK in the coming month.

The UI is charming, you can create your own avatar and it’s usable giving the app mass appeal. Rolling out across 20 countries and charities, the Samsung Hope Relay will also be available from late May to June in France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Russia, Brazil, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia, China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

After donating $100 for every audience member at the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch, The Hope Relay is a continued admirable contribution from Sammy. With the intention being viral popularity, their pledge to honour it could well see their donations going into the millions so what are you waiting for – download it, make your avatar and get charitable.


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