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Samsung to launch Galaxy S6 with multi-edge display

Samsung is reportedly preparing a variant of its next flagship, the Galaxy S6, with a multi-edged screen akin to the Galaxy Note Edge. But is it likely to launch in the UK and what’s the point of that curved-edge display?

According to SamMobile, a special model of Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 will launch with a display similar to the Galaxy Note Edge, except that the curved screen will now wrap around both sides of the device rather than just one. So it really does look like the Note Edge was a warm-up phone, to prove that the tech works before being integrated into the next big flagship handset.

The mutli-sided display will apparently support a new notification system called Glance Lighting, which will allow users to can assign a colour to each of their contacts. The edge of the display will then flash that colour when the contact calls. Glance Lighting also causes the device’s edge-screen to display notifications when it’s placed face-down, to be less intrusive.

The mystery Galaxy handset, which reportedly carries the model number SM-G925, will also offer similar features to those seen in the Note Edge, such as the ability to glance at news, sport and finance reports on the wrap-around portion of the display. Health conscious users can keep a close eye on their pedometer panel too, along with other information from S Health.

Express Me will also feature on the device, which gives users the opportunity to tailor their display for their own needs, with live information and photographs. Night Clock will be included too, which lets users place a dimmed clock along the edge of their display at certain, pre-specified times of day.

Thankfully it seems that you can tailor which edge of the screen is used, depending on whether you’re right or left-handed; a feature that the Galaxy Note Edge doesn’t offer.

Rumours suggest that Samsung will unveil the device – alongside the standard, non-edged Galaxy S6 – at Mobile World Congress 2015, which kicks off on March 2nd in Barcelona. However, as with the Galaxy Note Edge, it’s likely the curved-edge Galaxy S6 will see a limited release outside of Asia. We’d be surprised if it didn’t hit UK soil at some point, but we’re expecting it to be in seriously limited supply when it does finally come to Blighty.

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