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Samsung to bring Bada 2.0 to older Wave models

Whilst Samsung continues to belt out new phones running its own homemade Bada OS, anyone who’s bought into Samsung’s older phones like the Wave 2 can punch the air with joy – they will get a downloadable update to push the OS up to Bada 2.0, the version found on the new Bada phones.

The news comes straight from Samsung’s own Bada Twitter account, announcing that upgrade roll-out will start from Q4 in Europe. ( France in particular has a soft soft for Sammy’s own smartphone software.)

Samsung has confirmed both the Wave 525 and Wave 723 is set to get the internal upgrade, though any changes could differ depending on “device specification such as CPU, memory size, etc.”.

Bada 2.0 promises to offer up multitasking, NFC support and push notifications, which all sounds pretty familiar these days. It will also arrive with Sammy’s own multi-platform messenger service, ChatOn.


Via: Sammy Hub


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