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Samsung’s sexy new camera tech means slimmer phones, better low light shots

Smartphone cameras should get a serious shot in the arm thanks to Samsung, who just started mass production of impressive new 1.0μm-pixel CMOS image sensors.

Known by the super-catchy title of ‘S5K3P3’, Samsung’s new camera sensor is now ready to be shoved into any mobile phone out there, starting with a 16-megapixel model. And given the sensor’s two huge advantages over the competition, we really hope that phone manufacturers line up to get a slice of the action.

First of all, the new sensor is 20 percent shorter than Samsung’s previous 1.12μm-pixel sensor. That means reduced camera protrusion, with no impact on photo quality. So no longer will we have to deal with jutting camera lenses, one of the few visual flaws of the Galaxy S6.

Secondly, the new sensor uses Samsung’s ISOCELL tech to prevent pixels from bleeding into neighbours, which allows for increased light sensitivity. That’s good news if you like taking photos in bars and other dingy locations, as they should be brighter and less grainy than most rival camera shots, with a higher colour fidelity.

We’re hoping that the new S5K3P3 sensor will appear in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5, set to be launched on August 13th.


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