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Saygus V2 smartphone hands-on review at CES 2015

An impressively smart, feature-packed phone has emerged at CES 2015, rammed with innovative features including dual OS booting, insane storage and a mighty 13-megapixel selfie snapper. We’ve gone hands-on with the Saygus V2 smartphone.

You’ve probably never heard of Saygus but that’s a name to remember, as the Saygus V2 (V squared actually) should be hitting retailers in Q1 2015 and it’s one of the more remarkable mobiles on show at CES. The design itself is still prototype, so might change before official launch, but the features packed inside are the juicy part that really got us excited.

For a start, the optics are massively impressive – a 21-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilisation built in, along with an insanely sharp 13-megapixel front camera with the very same OIS tech.

Then there’s the storage, perhaps not the sexiest part of a smartphone but the Saygus V2 packs in a mighty 64GB and gives you dual Micro SD memory card slots for a maximum total of 320GB. More than enough for HD movie fans.

Even better, you can stick your own preferred OS onto one of the memory cards, giving you the ability to dual boot. So while Android 4.4 (hopefully 5.0 at launch or soon after) is the pre-installed operating system, you can chuck Windows 8, Firefox (if you must) or any other mobile OS onto the Saygus V2 and select it when you power up the phone.

Phone calls should also sound crisp and clear thanks to the wireless HD support, with built-in noise cancellation to drown out background noise.

We can’t wait to review the Saygus V2’s extensive range of features, and the phone should be hitting the UK in early 2015. Pricing is apparently going to be competitive with other 5-inch mobiles, and we’re hoping that Saygus can get the phone out at around the £300 point.


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