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Scribbly marker-pen style stylus with an iPad: Hands-on photos

“Draw us something!” screamed the guys at Scribbly’s stand at Computers Unlimited last night. So we did. This is our killer Android, raging hard about the Samsung vs Apple legal fight and the fact that there wasn’t an HTC Flyer or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on hand to play with.

We drew this angry little robot with the awesome Scribbly stylus; yet another for-tablets pen designed to look like a real-life drawing implement, like Just Mobile’s AluPen and the Wacom Bamboo stylus.

As you can see, the Scribbly stylus takes on the form of a permanent market/whiteboard pen. It even comes with a range of available nibs you can pop on (to keep the ink dry of course) and there’s even a ball bearing inside the thing. So when you shake it you get that authentic rattling sound.

Though there was only a first-generation iPad there to use, the Scribbly will of course work on any capacitive display.

The app that’s shown above is of course Adobe Ideas which is £3.99 on the App Store. The Scribbly isn’t an active stylus, its designed to mimic finger presses.

Coming this December, the Scribbly is available to pre-order now for just £12.99. A shoe-in for a Christmas stocking filler surely? Click through for more hands on pics of the Scribby doing its thing – i.e. looking like a permanent marker and being cool.

The Scribbly will come in a number of ‘colours’, true to its whiteboard marker roots. Though the different coloured nibs won’t make any difference at all, the guys at the Scribbly stand mooted the possibility of interchangeable nibs with NFC chips built in which would interact with the NFC functions of ‘future versions of the iPad’. Do the Scribbly guys know something we don’t?

The Scribbly pen is about the same width as a penny.

The tip of the Scribbly is made from bouncy rubber, similar to the Bamboo and the AluPen.

As well as going so far as to actually put a ball bearing inside each stylus, the design team even made sure that the base of the Scribbly looks like the real thing. Note to parents; don’t let your children confuse your Scribbly with an actual marker. We know that sticking your phone in rice will sort you out if its wet, but we’ve no idea now to remove indelible ink from an iPad screen.

Somebody else’s effort with the Scribbly on Adobe Ideas. Depending on the drawing app you’re using, you can get some pretty fine results with the stylus.

As you can see you can get super fine squiggles, more suited to things like handwriting, and larger brushes for drawing funny faces with kelp-coloured hair.

Another black Scribbly in its cardboard prison.

We love the Scribbly; it works just as well as any other capacitive stylus and it’s loads of fun. Plus at £12.99 its also pretty cheap. It’s due out in December; go here to register your interest.


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