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Silicon Valley Billionaire tips and tricks (iPhone/Android): How to conquer the Valley

Our Silicon Valley: Billionaire tips and tricks guide shows you how to raise loads of cash, get more gold bars, boost worker happiness levels and work the stock market. Conquer Silicon Valley for iPhone and Android mobiles with our in-depth strategy guide.

Silicon Valley: Billionaire is a fun mobile management game similar to Game Dev Story, which sees you building your own tech startup firm and expanding into a fully fledged operation with a spot of hostile takeover action.

Here’s how to beat Silicon Valley: Billionaire for iOS and Android with our nifty tips and tricks guide.

Silicon Valley Billionaire game tips and tricks: Complete your objectives

From the offset you’ll have some objectives to complete, which essentially teach you the basics of the Silicon Valley game. You’ll be told to build a new level, train your employees and so on.

Completing each set of objectives earns you tickets and experience, so they’re well worth following. Just tap the ‘i’ icon in the box near the top of the screen and you’ll be shown how to finish the current one.

Silicon Valley Billionaire game tips and tricks: How to increase how much money you make per second

When a lightbulb appears over a worker’s head, tap them repeatedly to make some quick extra cash. These light bulbs don’t last long however, so you’ll need to keep an eye out.

You should also regularly check for tired employees (indicated with a red squiggle over their heads). Knackered workers are less productive, so you’ll want to keep on top of any tiredness. Tapping them when they’re tired will increase their general happiness too.

Upgrade floors to make money more quickly. To do this, just press and hold on the level you wish to upgrade and then select ‘Upgrade’. This will cost some cash, but also increase your revenue per second.

You also need to enhance your business model to increase how much money your business makes per second. Tap the Management tab at the bottom of the screen and then ‘Enhance Business Model’.

You can also train your employees to make them more productive and increase how much cash they generate. To do so, tap the characters icon on the right edge of the screen and then select who you want to promote. Each promotion costs money but will increase your generated cash per second.

When you minimise Silicon Valley, the game effectively pauses. This means you’re not making money, so one way to boost the coffers is leaving the game open when you’re not using your phone. Of course, your employees will also get tired and annoyed if you aren’t paying them attention, so there are drawbacks to this method.

Silicon Valley Billionaire game tips and tricks: Expanding and hiring

You can also build new floors (which costs a fair bit of cash) and fill them with new employees to boost your earnings. Just tap the empty floor at the top of your building to create a new level, if you have enough resources.

When it’s built, you can fill it with fresh blood immediately. Just tap the employee icon on the right edge of the screen and then tap any vacant space (marked with a plus sign).

Pay attention to the star rating of workers before you hire them. The bigger that rating, the better the worker. You can do a general hire by watching an ad, which gives you a 2-3 star worker. If you have a spare ticket (earned by completing objectives), you can get a 2-4 star worker. And if you’ve got bags of gold bars, you can scout out a 3-5 star worker. Remember, you can turn down a potential hire if the star rating is lower than you’d like.

Silicon Valley Billionaire game tips and tricks: How to keep workers happy

As previously mentioned, you should keep checking back to your office view and look for any employees with a red squiggle over their heads. These workers are tired and frustrated and need a poke to perk them up.

Don’t forget to improve your office’s decor too. Everybody likes to work in a nice environment, so be sure to enhance your office interior occasionally, to cheer everyone up.

Silicon Valley Billionaire game tips and tricks: How to get free in-game cash and more gold bars

Play the game every day (known as ‘checking in’) to earn some quick and easy rewards. For instance, playing Silicon Valley two days in a row gives you 30 gold bars, while playing every day for a full week gives you a chest of 150 gold bars!

You can also grab a bonus 10 gold bars by tapping the gold icon at the very top of the game screen. This opens the store, which is where you can spend real-life cash on in-game currency. However, scroll to the bottom and you’ll see that you can earn 10 gold bars simply by watching a 30-second advert. Not a bad deal, and you can repeat every hour if you want to top up your reserves.

There are plenty of other opportunities for getting free cash in Silicon Valley too. For instance, tap the Money tab at the bottom of the screen and then Attract Investments. This gives you a random amount of bonus cash and can be used once every half hour.

Silicon Valley Billionaire game tips and tricks: Stocks and bonds

By investing in bonds and funds, you can get a really great long-term return on whatever cash you’ve got spare. Make time deposits as well as investments in bonds and funds and then just wait for them to mature. Quids in.

Check frequently for new stocks to buy, in order to get the biggest return for your investment. Buy low, sell high!

Silicon Valley Billionaire tips and tricks: Mergers and acquisitions

By taking over other companies (merging with them and making them your subsidiaries), you can conquer Silicon Valley and become the king of California (metaphorically speaking of course).

However, you also need to stay alert and block any opponent bids to take over your own company. There are a couple of key strategies here. First, buy shields to prevent an unwanted sale of your company. And second, if you have notifications turned on, you’ll be warned about any potential hostile takeovers before they happen. This allows you to take action before suffering significant losses.

Silicon Valley Billionaire game tips and tricks: Random hacks

Want to change your company name or CEO name at any time? Just tap the photo in the top left corner. This costs a whopping 250 gold bars however, so you might want to think long and hard about those names to start with.


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