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Siri voice assistant announced for iPhone

Want to be able to get information from your device without straining your fingers too much? Good, because Apple today showed off their new voice assistant feature for the iPhone, Siri.

Users will be able utilise Siri for a number of different functions using only their voice. For example, if you want to know what the current weather is like, you need only hold down the Home button and speak your query to Siri, which will then answer the question. The range of activities you can do with Siri though is truly impressive: setting up alarms, making notes, sending messages, and integration with Wolfram Alpha for more specific searches.

On top of that, Apple are also including speech-to-text functionality on the iPhone’s software keyboard: just hit the microphone button, start talking, and gears and cogs will whirr away until you get text output. Both services however require a data connection (either 3G or WiFi) to be functional..

Siri will only be available on the iPhone 4S, with support for English, French, and German.

Pic credit: Engadget


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