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Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc: What’s in the box?

Plenty of phones to be played with this morning at the Recombu towers..Including the super thin Xperia Arc. Sony Ericsson have done a fine job designing what is one of the nicest Android handsets to hold in the hand. Better still early testing with the phone reveals that the newly redesigned timescape setup is much much faster.

Lift the lid off of the Xperia Arc box and the 8.7mm thin handset is immediately there to greet you. Things are a bit flimsy on the cardboard front but then again at least it is good for the environment!

The Xperia Arc has three buttons sat at the bottom of the handset as opposed the usual Android four which we see on handsets like the Desire S. In between the buttons are a set of lights which appear whenever they are pressed, it is a pretty nice effect especially when using the handset at night.

The back of the Xperia Arc is a sort of two-tone material which some may like the look of. You can see here that the handset is curved, making it fit really well in the hand.

The Xperia Arc has a seriously impressive 8.1 megapixel 720p capable camera. The Exmore R mobile CMOS sensor allows for saturated and well balanced colours in images plus excellent low light response when using the camera at night.

Beneath the Arc is a somewhat restrained set of extra goodies. A wall charger and micro USB connector are included in the box along with headphones, startup guide and other paperwork

Sony Ericcson has kept up their tradition of shipping handsets with good sets of headphones. The Arc comes with a responsive and balanced set of earbuds which are much better than most handset freebies (we are looking at you Apple)

The Xperia Arc has a dedicated HDMI connector which can output whatever it is you have shot on the phone straight to your TV.

On the top of the handset is a Micro USB connector and volume rocker, as well as a dedicated camera button

Strangely the 3.5mm headphone jack sits on the side of the phone which results in a worrying amount of headphone cable bend for third party earbuds.


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