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Sony PlayStation Suite SDK open beta launching in April

Sony PlayStation has revealed the open beta version of the software developer kit (SKD) for the Sony PlayStation Suite will be available in April.

This means that more game developers will be able to create games compatible with PlayStation-certified devices: including the Sony Xperia Play smartphone and the Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P (right).SONY Tablet P and Tablet S

A closed version of the SDK was released late last year in the US, Japan and UK. The feedback from content developers was used to improve the usability of the beta version for content developers.

The open beta version will be available to developers in other countries and Access to the PlayStation Suite SDK beta is free of charge.

Later in 2012 Sony will be releasing the official version of the PlayStation Suite SDK, where game developers that created content created for the alpha or beta versions, can have their content distributed via the PlayStation Suite for a fee of $99 a year.

Sony will also be updating the PlayStation Suite, bringing improvements to the PlayStation Suite in the PlayStation Store.

By launching the open beta, developers will be able to create games for PlayStation Suite, which hopefully towards the end of this year and the start of next means more choice for fans of the Sony Xperia Play or Sony Xperia S.




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