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PS4 Remote Play turns your smartphone into a portable PS4

Sony’s Remote Play app now allows you to stream your PS4 games direct to your smartphone, as well as the PS Vita, so you can play Killzone on the throne.

If you’re lucky (or rich) enough to own a PS4, Sony’s freshly updated Remote Play app will give you the freedom to get off the couch and play anywhere in your home. PS4 Remote Play now allows you to stream PS4 games onto your Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact or Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact over Wi-Fi, while a handy dock lets you hook your device up to a PS4 controller, as a makeshift portable gaming machine.

Sony's Remote Play app allows PS4 games to stream to tablets and smartphones

Just leave your PS4 console switched on and connected to the Wi-Fi network, and you can stream any game direct to your smartphone or tablet. The new GCM10 Game Control Mount hooks onto your DualShock controller and holds your mobile device steady (like in that photo above), effectively turning the phone into a gaming screen. Great news for toilet gamers, who love to infiltrate enemy strongholds as they curl one off.

The set-up is similar to Nvidia’s Shield console, which allows streaming of Steam games from your PC over Wi-Fi.

Sony also admitted that it’s feasibly possible to play PS4 games remotely, from a completely different Wi-Fi network, but also added that it won’t actively promote this as it can’t guarantee a stable gaming experience.

PS4 Remote Play arrives on a smartphone near you in November.


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