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Sony reveals wind-up USB charger

In the mix of Xperia smartphone news we have stumbled across an interesting solution to charging woes from Sony Mobile Japan, in the form of a portable wind-up USB charger.

Revealed on the Sony Xperia blog, Sony claims to “have the answer” to our charging woes with the CP-A2LAKS USB charger. As the name suggests, the charger is hand-cranked, which means that all you need to power up are a couple of spare hands and a bit of elbow grease.

 Sony's hand-cramked portable charger 

Sony claims that turning the handle for three minutes will give you one minute of call time and five minutes of cranking will give you around one minute of browsing the internet. So it isn’t going to replace your normal charging anytime and Sony comments that this is a charger for “emergency back-up” and not for “solving your energy crisis.”

The device can also be charged via a traditional AC outlet to store energy for later use, this would see the 4,000mAh battery store enough energy to deliver two full smartphone charges. This could be a great festival or long journey gadget.

The charging unit is set to go on sale in Japan on 20th June and there is no news yet if it will launch in the UK. The cost of the device will set you back 8,000 Yen, which is about £62. We’ll keep you updated on more news for this gizmo.


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