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Sony Smartwatch 2 update finally lets you customise watch faces

Sony has finally added new features to its Smartwatch 2, which include customisable watch faces and more.

A Sony Smartwatch 2 update now lets users to fine-tune their watch face layouts with simple drag and drop controls. These customisable faces can display information differently, including date, calendar, Bluetooth, and battery level.


The customisation tools appear under the new ‘Edit watch faces’ tab in the Smartwatch 2 settings app on your smartphone. You can choose from the selection of existing watch faces Smartwatch 2 owners will already be familiar with, but can simply tap the ‘+’ icon at the top to create a new one.

Gmail and Facebook have also been undergone tweaks. The Gmail synchronisation between phone and watch has been improved and posts on the Facebook app are now more ‘scrollable’.

In the notifications drawer, you can also now scroll through all your calendar appointments and mark events as ‘read’ straight from the watch. For those that have trouble with numbers, a calculator has been added. It is not dependent on the phone either, which means you can use it when your phone is in your bag or pocket.

As for Bluetooth, you can now choose to turn off vibration settings when Bluetooth connects and disconnects. What’s more, you can choose from one of six custom wallpapers too.

Sony has said that the platform is as always, open to third party developers, new widgets and watch faces are constantly being developed and there are now over 400 compatible apps. This means you can keep an eye out for even more designs coming soon.

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