Sony Ericsson W508 Preview

The Sony Ericsson W508 is a sharp and stylish addition to the Sony Ericsson Walkman range. A compact flip phone with a metal effect finish, the W508 has glowing blue lights accentuating the numeric pad and the music controls.

The handset comes with the usual Sony Ericsson W-series accoutrements such as MegaBass, TrackID, and SensMe as well as the Walk Mate fitness app. The Sony Ericsson W508 also features gesture control, allowing you to mute incoming calls and silence the alarm clock by swiping your hand over the phone.

With a FastPort charger/headphone socket you’ll need an adaptor to use any non-Sony Ericsson headphones with the Sony Ericsson W508 and its memory can be expanded by an extra 16GB using the M2 memory card slot.

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