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Sony Xperia X: Best cases or covers reviewed

We review the best cases and covers for Sony’s Xperia X, to protect your new Xperia mobile and keep it safe from knocks, drops, scratches and other damage.

We love Sony’s sleek new metallic design for the Xperia X and the phone is certainly a lot hardier than last year’s Xperia Z5, which (for us at least) cracked under just a wee bit of pressure. However, after spending all that cash on a shiny new mobile, you’ll probably want to slip the Xperia X inside a protective case or cover to keep it safe from drops and knocks, just to be sure.

Here’s our pick of the best Sony Xperia X cases and protective covers.

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Sony’s official Style Cover for Xperia X

Sony’s own-brand ‘Style Cover‘ case is a premium wrap-around protector for your Xperia X. All of the phone’s edging as well as the rear plate are protected by a reasonably thick, soft-touch material, but the essential ports and buttons including the X’s fingerprint sensor are left open for easy access. And on the inside you get a velvety lining, so that metallic frame doesn’t get scratched up.

Despite offering solid protection, Sony’s Style Cover doesn’t add much bulk to your mobile; the Xperia X is still easy enough to use with one hand. You can grab it in a range of colours to match the handset’s different hues.

You can pick up the Style Cover from MobileFun for £30

Olixar FlexiShield Ultra-Thin case for Xperia X

If you’d rather not cover up Sony’s gorgeous design work, then the Olixar FlexiShield Ultra-Thin case is a better bet. Buy the transparent version and you can see that metallic body in all of its natural glory, while the thin material adds very little extra bulk.

If you’re not keen on the transparent version, you can also pick up the FlexiShield cover in white or black.

You can buy the FlexiShield case from MobileFun for just £6.99.

Olixar ArmourDillo Sony Xperia X Protective Case

If you’re serious about protecting your new Xperia X, then have a gander at Olixar’s ArmourDillo case. This tough-as-nuts plastic covering will keep your Xperia safe even if it’s properly banged about, making it a wise choice if you’re taking to the great outdoors.

You also get a snap-on extra back plate which adds a kickstand, so you can prop the Xperia X up in landscape mode and watch a movie. Wel,, what else is there to do in the wilderness, besides stare at nature and ‘find yourself’?

You can grab the ArmourDillo case from MobileFun for just £13

Roxfit Pro-2 Book Case for Sony Xperia X

This rather strange little case from Roxfit includes a super-thin cover that flips over your Xperia X’s screen, to keep it safe from scuffs and scratches – good news if you carry it in a bag or purse. The case itself has a nice rubber texture which gives the X a bit of grip, and the phone is held securely so it shouldn’t ever come loose.

However, it’s the Book Case’s cover which is most intriguing. It’s so thin that you can see the Xperia X’s screen right through it, and even use the phone as normal, touching and swiping the cover instead of the display beneath. Of course, things do look a little murky and it doesn’t exactly take much effort to just flip the case open, but the cover does seem to help with responsiveness issues when using the phone in the rain.

If you’re interested, you can get the Xperia Pro-2 Book Case from MobileFun for £20.

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